CRM traditionally started as a B2B tool, but now, it’s gaining a remarkable reputation in the B2C world, and specifically within the eCommerce industry.

As an eCommerce business owner, you must be dreaming of increasing your sales, and with aggressive competition online, you need to differentiate your online store from the competition, and how can you do it you ask? The answer is a Better Shopping Experience.

Use CRM to Create Amazing Shopping Experience

Customers expect a personalized pleasant experience that is based on their taste, AKA shopping patterns and email behavior. The major factor that has created the need for smart CRM tools in the B2C space is the pressure companies now face to ‘WOW’ their customers. Price is no longer the main competing factor. Such awesome customer experience can be defined by the ability to:

  • Knowing your customers better.
  • Engaging with customers in a timely, relevant, genuine, and caring way.
  • Making customers feel they are special and that they are always getting a deal.
  • Solving and compensate for problems and ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Understand your customers’ needs and offer your recommendations.
  • Being sensitive to your customer’s time and simplify their lives.

Now that you understand how CRM can drastically change your eCommerce store and improve your customers’ experience, the big question here is how to choose the right CRM for your business?

CRM With Intuitive Segmentation


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When you decide you need a CRM to help you manage your customers, you need to choose a CRM that comes with intuitive segmentation and smart filters. With a huge number of customers you need a quick and yet accurate tool to organize and segment them based on how much they have spent, how many times they have ordered and still you can segment them on the basis of demographics. This will help you:

  • Have more efficient targeted marketing messages.
  • Save money by spending time focusing on the customers who are more likely to buy your product.
  • Increase customer retention.
  • Tailor and develop existing products and services to meet particular needs of different segments.

Keep in mind that segmentation doesn’t need to be hard, you can start with the very basic segments such as: Customers always buy a certain product,  Customers only buy when things are discounted, and so on. With these segments you can track your customers activities and start marketing accordingly.

CRM With Built-in Email Marketing


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CRM applications can effectively help you refine your customers’ experience to give you higher returns. You’ll be able to develop your marketing strategy to match the data provided by your CRM and have more relevant communications with customers through valuable insights and proper data analysis.

You’ll be able to unify your messages and tailor your email marketing strategy to match customers in every stage in their life cycle. For example:

  • Send welcome emails to your new customers.
  • Send coupons to win back inactive customers.
  • Email customers with canceled orders to solve their problems and ask for their feedback.

CRM will help you know your customers better, not only their name but rather their shopping behavior, their shopping patterns and their value for your business.

CRM and Analytics

ecommerce - dashboard

Learn More About Revamp CRM Store Analytics

It’s old news that the growth of your online store directly depends on the value you create for your customers. But without knowing where you stand, where you want to be (your goals), and when and how much customers are spending across products and categories, you’ll never be 100% sure how to make your store better to increase sales.

CRM store analytics allow you to have a 360-degree view of what is happening within your sales process. It yields endless insight but there are six benefits that stand out:

  • Find the best marketing channels your customers are coming from.
  • Discover where your marketing works and what needs fixing.
  • Know your top products & categories and start recommending them.
  • Know your Abandoned Carts lost revenue to understand what abandoned cart recovery can do to your business.
  • Know the top products in your Abandoned Carts to find out what tweaks and fixes you need.
  • Know your top and loyal customers to reward them and increase customer lifetime value (LTV).

Analytics that are well-integrated with your store operation can help you make the best decisions for your business and allows you to build for your customers in a way that benefits them the most.


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