Online Time!

Without any doubt, today is the time of online! From the instant actions happening here that need to be documented with videos, moving to the short videos snapped using a front camera that goes viral in a matter of seconds, and ending up with the events that are covered timely! Thanks to our YouTube that gets us our back every single time. Similarly, Celebrities of today are not the ones walking on the red carpet, they are those bunch of ambitious entrepreneurs who create some meaningful content as short videos on so many different aspects that include education, entertainment, live discussions that all make them rock the internet with their content. Making Money on YouTube retailers

Rich and Famous!

Surprisingly, streaming on YouTube is not all about being famous! It can also be one of the greatest sources of money. Endless of opportunities are there for you if you decide to pay closer attention. Research estimates that top YouTubers earn in the millions, some even in the tens of millions. We think it is worth it to know how monetize the time you spend on YouTube just scrolling down or choosing some videos for the weekend, there is so much more about it anyways. In the upcoming lines, you will get to know some of the tips and tricks of turning your live content into cash. Making Money on YouTube retailers

1- Turn From “Just a User” to “Partner”!

blog youtube turn from

This may sound so unattainable! How could it be easy to become a partner with YOUTUBE? The answer is simple. Through ads. including the ads playing during and before your videos, as well as the banner ads shown to the right of your video. Some easy steps can be done to be a YouTube partner. First, go to the Channel menu to verify your account and enable Monetization, then you’ll need to have an AdSense account to opt into Google’s advertising network to actually get paid and see ad revenue reports. Making Money on YouTube retailers

2- Promote your Merchandise

blog youtube promote

This is an underestimated sector of YouTube, yet it’s one of the most profitable faces of it. Promoting merchandises is one of the greatest untapped potentials online. You can get people modeling your product, or even better you can do it by yourself and start promoting it on your channel, it will be your first resort of making a considerable amount of money.

3- Choose your sponsors

blog youtube Choose your sponsors

Don’t just sit around waiting for some random middlemen to come and save you. Do your research, cut the middle man and sign up for your own sponsors. Make use of your huge fan base, that sponsors will search for your channel to save themselves a spot in your very crammed schedule. You can decide which products you want to sponsor which you think might be appealing to your target market and also related to your own online store.

4- Go Premium!

blog youtube 4. Go Premium

If you get a large audience to enjoy your free content, whether it’s educational, entertaining or any other type of content, then probably they will be eager to know the rest of exclusive content even if they have to pay a little bit more. So, make all your content for free, but go premium for a small percentage of your best videos; that will a guaranteed way of generating monetary.

5- Be the middle man!

blog youtube be the middle man

If you don’t have a product of your own to be promoted on the channel, no problem! You can easily be the middle man for hundreds of young entrepreneurs searching for their target audience, who are the same audience of your channel, with affordable prices. So, here is the win-win situation, you will get their product promoted on your YouTube channel with some charge in exchange.

Mute the Noise

Finally, make sure to sell your product without making so much noise to your audience, because if they consider the way you sell on your channel as a noise, simply they will mute it! Some simple tricks to minimize the spam on your channel, and help you make your selling point without making so much unfavorable clatter to your audience, will be the tour you make in the next few lines.

Rule #1 State your call to action.

Most YouTubers tell their audience what to do next to grow their viewership. State your call to action clearly at the end of your video “Hit the Like Button” or “Subscribe to my channel” all are good ways to tell the audience exactly what to do next, and surprisingly they will do it.

Rule #2 Add Well-Timed YouTube Cards to Your Videos.

If you are promoting a product. Then YouTube Cards are the way to go. They offer an eye-catching way to get the attention of engaged viewers. You can set them to pop up at just the right moment when they’re most relevant and least distracting to increase their impact.

Rule #3 Add links to your video

Adding links to your video description will direct your viewers to your page which means guarantying more traffic and also ending up the deal there which means a higher conversion rate, giving your words higher credibility.

Rule #4 SHARE!

Starting a campaign on YouTube doesn’t necessarily means sticking to it as the one and only platform. Start spreading your word by sharing your videos on many social media platforms. That will definitely bring you more traffic to both your channel and product.

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