The conversion rate is the percentage of users who take the desired action. Low Conversion Rate Reasons

The archetypical example of conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who buy something on the site.

First, Let’s discover the top 12 reasons for a low conversion rate

  1. Little credibility
  2. Unable to find a product
  3. Competitors offer lower costs
  4. Product out of stock
  5. Takes too long to load
  6. No customer support
  7. Bad user interface (ui)
  8. Incomplete product information
  9. High cost
  10. Zero product reviews
  11. Untrusted payment gateway
  12. No assurance
How to increase your conversion rate?

1- Customer Reviews (Text & Videos):

Adding customer reviews helped a watch eCommerce site increase sales by 58,29%

2- Product videos 

Product video viewers are more likely to convert 174% than non-viewers

3- Detailed product description

Increased conversion rate by 108% Detailed descriptions answer questions about products quality, service quality, product features, website security, pricing, and so on reducing visitor anxieties increased conversion rate by 108%

4- Social sharing buttons

Reserve social sharing buttons for the confirmation page following the sale that’s an ideal time to encourage viral sharing

5- Clear or prominent call to action

Making a call to actions more prominent increases conversions by 591%

6- Authenticity

Proving authenticity and credibility increases sales by 107%

7- Protected Purchase 

Secured Purchase

Adding a guarantee boosts

Security seals

8- High-quality images claims that products with the special spin feature have conversion rates at least 10% higher

Sometimes, conversions are up to 30% or 40% than products without it

9- Structured data

There’s no direct correlation to conversions, but structured data increases CTR

10- Page speed

If an eCommerce site is mailing $1 million per day,  a one second delay could potentially cost $2.5 million each year.

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