Research suggests that that nine out of ten times, a customer will not abandon a business after the first complaint, if the business sincerely attempted to solve the problem. Customers are pleased when they see that a business is willing to make things right. Below is an infographic, which demonstrates the most common mistakes that lead to customer complaints, and how to fix it. So your business would avoid performing those common mistakes. As a result, your business will receive fewer customer complaints and more happy customers. Which is without doubt imperative to your business. Stop Customer Complaint



How to stop customers complaint before they start

1- Shoppers complain from, The Lack of info:

Customers may complain that they can’t find the informations they were looking for

How to fix it

Retailers should Make Info easy to find.

2- Shoppers complain from, Poor Service:

Customers A bad service experience can have your customer running to your competition in an instant.

How To Fix it

Retailers should Breed A Culture Of Service. Everyone should understand the company value: customer respect.

3- Shoppers complain from, Slow Responses: 

Customers hate long hold times, and they do not want to be left waiting to hear back on an issue.

How To Fix it

Retailers should Be sure to Respond Fast. Offer 24/7 phone service, or an email they can use anytime.

4- Shoppers complain from, Low Product Quality:

No one wants to buy a product of low quality that doesn’t live up to their expectations.

How To Fix it

Retailers should have a High-Quality Control. Products must be of high quality, never to disappoint customers.

5- Shoppers complain from,  No Return Policies:

When a customer isn’t happy with a product, he will want to return it.

How To Fix it

Retailers should Have a Return Policy. Customers are trained to demand it, and will not expect not having it.

6- Shoppers complain from, Hidden Costs:

No one likes to be surprised and no one likes to pay more than they’ve expected.

How To Fix it

Retailers should Be Crystal Clear about Fees. Be more clear about what customers will be expected to pay for at every point. Stop Customer Complaint

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