Pinterest has an extremely devoted and interactive user base, in fact, pinners use Pinterest throughout the day, some at night and a lot in the evening. The point is if you want to be successful then u must be associated and aligned with Pinterest. Use Pinterest’s engaging users to your advantage. Below are 5 tips for smarter business marketing.

Tip #1: Tailor your content for the audience

Pinterest has a uniquely loyal and engaged user base, but only around the specific subject matter. The Big Three categories on Pinterest Food & Drink, DIY & Crafts, and Home Decor

Tip #2: Follow the pinning pattern

32% of all pinning happens during the core part of the work day, from 10am – 4pm. 18% of pinning happens in the evening, 9pm – midnight

Tip #3: Pay attention to season

Pinners pin throughout the day, they also pin throughout the year, showing distinct seasonal trends

Tip #4: Create pinnable content

Etsy is another popular brand on Pinterest. Yet only 8% of Etsy pins come from the on-site pin it button. Instead, we found that 67% of Etsy pins are coming from the Pinterest bookmarklet button

Tip #5: Pay attention to what’s working on Pinterest

While the average female user posts 42 pins in year 1, by year 4 she is up to 152. This should be enough to grab the attention of any eCommerce retailer. If your target market overlaps with Pinterest users, make sure you’re pin worthy.