The key to eCommerce email marketing is not about sending emails according to your products. but according to your customers. eCommerce Store Emails 

Doing this requires your emails to be timely, relevant, and personalized to each customers individual interests.
Both products and content need to be chosen to each customers specific interests.
Doing this results in 6x higher conversion rates and a 760 percent increase in revenue!


Though eCommerce marketing is always improving.
so are technologies that make enterprise level marketing accessible and affordable to all eCommerce stores.

Even if you’re a 1-man operation.
email automation will  save you time and generate higher returns than any other digital marketing channel.
If you’re not sending these 3 eCommerce emails now, drop everything else. and start now! eCommerce Store Emails 


Your welcome emails are some of the most important emails you’ll send as an eCommerce marketer.
This is when your customers are most interested in your brand, and most likely to buy.

Experience found that welcome emails are opened 4X more often and clicked 5X more than regular promotional emails.

But most importantly. welcome emails generate 8X MORE REVENUE!

With Smarter Mail’s new auto-res ponders you can automate an unlimited amount of emails.
when a customer subscribes to your email list on your Shopify or Big Commerce store.

In any case of how many emails you end up automating.
ensuring you have these 3 emails in your welcome series will engage your customers.
and get you more sales for your store.


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